Aleksey A. Kostin
Tula State University
Lenin Ave. 92, 300600 Tula
Phone: (087-2) 35-36-37
FAX: (087-2) 33-13-05
Home: (087-2) 27-02-00

Citizenship: The Russian Federation.


Ph.D. in Computer Science (expected October 1999)
Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Supervisor: Prof. Vadim V. Mottl
Thesis: Generalized edge preserving smoothing in signal and image analysis

M.S. in Computer Science (July 1998)
Tula State University, Tula, Russia

B.S. in Computer Science (July 1992)
Tula State University, Tula, Russia


Artann Laboratories, North Brunswick, NJ, USA

Computer based system for detection prostate cancer. Developed series of programs for convenient interactive analysis of measured data (January 1999 – April 1999)

Computer based system for detection breast cancer. Developing program for analysis of measured data. (April 1999 – Current research)

Central Geophysical Expedition, Moscow, Russia

Segmentation of series of horizontal seismic slices. Developed program and graphical user interface to processing seismic data and showing result of the processing. (May 1994 – September 1994)

Autoregression analysis of geophysical explorative data sets. Developing program complex for IBM RISC System 6000 station. (October 1994 – June 1996)

Analyzing of the seismic sections from the "Bombey High" field. Modifying existing programs to the case of 2D arrays and carrying over them to Windows 95 platform. (March 1997 – September 1997)

Coherent analysis of 3D geophysical explorative data sets. Designing program complex and developing its main components. (July 1998 – January 1999)

CompTek International, Moscow, Russia

System for recognition numbers from pulse dial. (Computer telephony) Developing main program and user interface. (March 1996 – August 1996)

Quickly retrainable noise-proof system of spoken command recognition for needs of computer telephony (Pilot study). Developed convenient tool for displaying spectral representation of the spoken signal. (April 1997 – September 1997)

Department of Central Bank of Russian Federation in Tula Region, Russia

Regional bank system for collecting financial information. Developing cross validation system, participating in project managing. (April 1998 – January 1999)

Other projects

Disposition of set of rectangular details on series of rectangular blank (cutting problem). Developed algorithm witch minimize number of required blanks and saves possibility to cutting by guillotine. (January 1997 – February 1997)

Directional representation of images. Developed program for fast transformation of scanned fingerprint into papillary line local orientation map. (July 1995 – August 1995)

Program for demonstrating principal idea of edge preserving in algorithms of generalized smoothing. (February 1997 – March 1997)


Borland C++, Borland C++Builder, Visual C++, MathLab, MathCad, FoxPro
Windows 3.x/95/NT, DOS, Unix, X Window
Novell NetWare
Microsoft Office


Diploma of Ministry of Higher Education of Russian Federation for the best student research in 1997

Winner of the International Academic Publishing Company Nauka Prize for the best article in 1997 (Section Physics and Mathematics)

Scientific Interests:

Signal and image analysis


About 20 scientific publications.

Some papers in English:

Mottl V.V., Blinov A.B., Kostin A.A. Algorithms of three-dimensional texture analysis with application to seismic exploratory data processing. Proceedings of the Second Russian Conference "Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. New Information Technologies", Ulyanovsk, August 28 - September 1, 1995. Part 3. pp. 155-157.

Kostin A.A., Seredin O.S. Computer processing of massive data arrays: Analysis of seismic exploratory data and satellite stereo photographs of the Earth surface. Scientific Student Conference "XXII-th Gagarin Readings", Moscow, April 2-6, 1996. Part 7, pp. 134-135 (in Russian).

Kostin A.A. Application of image processing methods to intelligent analysis of three-dimensional seismic exploratory data arrays. Fourth International Student Seminar "New Information Technologies", Crimea, May 15-21, 1996. Vol. 2, pp. 368-369.

Mottl V.V., Kostin A.A., Blinov A.B. Algorithms for analysis of three-dimensional textures and their application to processing the data of seismic prospecting. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. Advances in Mathematical Theory and Applications, 1996, Vol. 6, № 2.

Mottl V.V., Muchnik I.B. Kostin A.A. Generalized edge-preserving smoothing for signal analysis. Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Analysis. Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA, September 7-11, 1997.

Mottl V.V., Blinov A.B., Kostin A.A., Kopylov A.V. Generalized edge-preserving smoothing for signal and image analysis. Proceedings of the Third Russian Conference "Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. New Information Technologies", Nizhni Novgorod, December 1-7, 1997, Vol. 1, pp. 57-61 (in Russian).

Mottl V.V., Kostin A.A., Blinov A.B. Texture analysis algorithms and their application to seismic data processing. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. Advances in Mathematical Theory and Applications, 1997, Vol. 7, № 1.

Mottl V.V., Muchnik I.B., Kostin A.A. Generalized Edge-Preserving Smoothing for Signal Analysis Proceedings of 6th International Student Olympiad on Automatic Control. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, May 27-29, 1998.

Mottl V.V., Blinov A.B., Kopylov A.V., Kostin A.A. A Unified Variational Approach to Building Algorithms of Signal and Image Processing. Proceedings of the 5th Open German-Russian Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding, Herrsching, Germany, September 21-25, 1998

Mottl V.V., Kostin A.A., Kopylov A.V. Variational methods for preserving local peculiarities in signal and image analysis. Proceedings of the Fourth Russian Conference "Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. New Information Technologies", Novosibirsk, October 11-18, 1998, Vol. 1, pp. 345-349 (in Russian).

Mottl V.V., Blinov A.B., Kopylov A.V., Kostin A.A. Optimization techniques on pixel neighborhood graphs for image processing. Graph Based Representations in Pattern Recognition. Computing, Supplement 12. Springer, 1998. pp. 135-145

Mottl V.V., Blinov A.B., Kopylov A.V., Kostin A.A., Muchnik I.B. Variational Methods in Signal and Image Analysis. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Pattern Recognition – ICPR'98, Brisbane, Australia, August 16-20, 1998, Vol. 1, p. 525

Mottl V.V., Kostin A.A., Kopylov A.V. Edge Preserving in Generalized Smoothing of Signals and Images. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Pattern Recognition – ICPR'98, Brisbane, Australia, August 16-20, 1998, Vol. 1, p. 1579


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