Recent Research

Enhancement of satellite photographs
The original satellite photograph, smoothed one, and the result of darkness equalization by subtracting the smoothed picture from the original.

Image matching
The problem of matching consists in finding identical points in two images of similar structure. The result of matching is represented in the form of the so-called disparity map which, for each point of one of the images, let it be the left image, determines the vector indicating the spatial shift between this point and its match in the second image.

A stereo pair of satellite photographs of the earth surface and disparity map to be recalculated into the geodesic elevation map.

A pair of human portraits and disparity map of their identical points built with the purpose of face recognition.

Recognition of handwritten symbols immediately in the course of writing
Local features of the pens motion along its trajectory in the course of writing. These features form a vector signal completely representing the symbol to be recognized.

Directional representation of images
A fingerprint fragment and its representation as papillary line local orientation map.