Laboratory Staff

The Laboratory of Data Analysis was established in 1995 and is guided by Dr.Sci., Professor Vadim V. Mottl


Sergey D. Dvoenko

Dr.Sci., Professor

Andrey V. Kopylov

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Olga V. Krasotkina

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Oleg S. Seredin

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Valentina V. Sulimova

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Olesia A. Kushnir

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Inessa A. Gracheva

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Egor E. Surkov

M.S. Student


An important contribution to the scientific progress of the Laboratory was made by Alexander B. Blinov (Ph.D., former Associate Professor), Dmitry A. Dmitriev (former Ph.D. student), Alexey A. Kostin (Ph.D., former  Assistant Professor), Andrey V. Skorkin (M.S.), Alexander I. Tatarchuk (M.S.) and Alexandra S. Karceva (Ph.D., former  Assistant Professor).


Alexander Blinov and Alexey Kostin are now members of the Centre for Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing at the University of  Surrey (Guildford, UK) and serve as active promoters of collaboration between the two institutions.

Since January 2003, Vadim Mottl works at Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), a universally recognaized center of the mathematical theory of pattern recognition and algebraic methods of data analysis.